Graphic Designer, Creative Director & Founder

Sonal Gadre-Shintre is a graphic designer and founder of Kalakatta Design Studio. She likes to call herself a visual storyteller! Through her critical design process, she helps brand leaders create impactful brand stories that achieve their business goals.

Sonal holds a degree in Commercial Arts. With more than a decade of prolific experience in India and the USA, she has touched upon every vertical of graphic design services and won various awards from GDUSA - American Graphic Design and IDA - International Design Award.

She lives and work in Bridgewater, New Jersey serving clients worldwide. When not working, Sonal likes to travel. Nature is her biggest inspiration. In recent years, she has developed a huge interest in yoga and aim to do Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) daily with her husband and 3-year-old son.​​​​​​​

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Supriya G
Architect, Parametric Designer & Graphic Designer

Supriya is a multitalented passionate designer with experience working on projects in India, China, Taiwan, Spain and US. She holds a degree in Architecture from India and a Master's degree in Parametric Design in Architecture from BarcelonaTech, Spain. With her versatile global experience and background she can innovatively combine design elements of architecture with the visual communication techniques of graphic design. She aims to always provide high-quality creative solutions to contemporary society.

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The word 'KALĀKATTĀ' means 'a platform for art' in Marathi, one of the native languages in India. We collaborate with a team of talented copywriters, illustrators, typographers, printers, and web programmers to deliver a holistic creative solution.

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