The challenge was to develop a unique visual identity for Andaaz, a dream project that combines a fine dining restaurant, exclusive catering services, and a banquet hall. From its inception, the goal was to create an exceptional city-like dining experience in New Jersey featuring exquisite Indian cuisine.

After sketching several concepts, I noticed the letter 'A' appears three times in the brand name, each representing one of the three services: Restaurant, Caterers, Banquet. The structure of the letter 'A' resembles an upward-facing arrow, symbolizing progress and success. This inspired the creation of a unique triangular brand icon by blending three arrows together. The tagline, "Indian Stylish Affaire," reflects the brand name "Andaaz," which means "Style" in Hindi. The typeface Tenor Sans was chosen for its minimalistic and modern appeal. A color palette of gold and beige was selected to convey an elite touch, complemented by green, inspired by the restaurant’s interior design.

With no available food imagery, the theme of Indian spices was chosen to set the tone for the brand's photography. This approach effectively showcased a premium look and feel across menus, websites, hoardings, and other collaterals. These efforts culminated in the creation of a one-of-a-kind, exclusive restaurant brand at the heart of central Jersey.

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